Thin Metal Parts Gives Component Buyers the Competitive Edge


Innovative Metal Component Manufacturing at Thin Metal Parts Gives Component Buyers and Manufacturers the Competitive Edge

Thin Metal Parts has built a remarkable reputation for being a trusted global leader in the fabrication of metal components. The Thin Metal Parts process is tailored for precision and can fit both the most sophisticated manufacturing and the mass production needs of our clients.

For years Thin Metal Parts has provided metal component manufacturing solutions of the highest quality to component buyers from a wide array of industries. Our highly responsive sales professionals have extensive knowledge of engineering and are committed to understanding your manufacturing requirements and  “pain points.”  We have a history of consistently exceeding client expectations and being able to accommodate a very competitive pricing structure.  

From a technical perspective, our engineering veterans can evaluate your metal component projects, even from your most precise and experimental specifications.  We build trust-based relationships with all of our clients via our ability to understand and recommend the most optimal processing technology without bias - a formula that yields customized metal parts of excellent quality at the most economical price every time.

When repeatability is essential to your success

The repeatability of our metal component manufacturing is second-to-none in the industry, with a very low margin of difference.

Thin Metal Parts has made a habit of routinely manufacturing metal components of unrivaled quality that are engineered to meet intricate specifications using chemical milling, electroforming, and laser-cutting techniques.  Our extensive expertise in metal component manufacturing allows us to apply hybrid fabrication processes that are an innovative mixture of all three of these techniques.  These capabilities give us the advantage of designing highly customizable components fitted to the unique requirements of our clients.

Thin Metal Parts has formed a legacy of manufacturing metal components for the electronic, medical, aerospace, and defense industries with the quality and precision that is trusted to be a part of everyday life; from the customary to the lifesaving.  

We fit your manufacturing processes

Ultimately, we’ve built our success on our ability to offer manufacturers and component buyers customized metal components that fit their manufacturing processes like a glove.  Something we continue to achieve on a consistent basis, and we do it all while maintaining the highest quality standards you require. 

Our innovative metal component manufacturing solutions offer our clients the most cutting-edge production alternatives, as well as the traditional fabrication methods. This is the difference that gives our clients the competitive edge to keep their business growing.


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Thin Metal Parts is an industry leader in a wide range of metal fabrication techniques, including mylar imaging, custom laser cutting, electroforming, and chemical etching. At Thin Metal Parts, we pride ourselves on custom manufacturing and superior customer service. Clients working with Thin Metal Parts can expect unmatched responsiveness, repeatable precision, cost-effective options, with highly flexible and easily customizable manufacturing across prototypes, small runs, and large volume manufacturing.

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