Aerospace and Defence Parts Fabrication

Aerospace and Defense Parts Fabrication Partner

Thin Metal Parts has an experienced team dedicated to providing you with superior parts that you can rely on to consistently meet every standard. 

Thin Metal Parts manufactures parts for:

  • Communication Devices
  • Guided Missile Systems
  • Sensor Systems
  • Surveillance and Motion Detection Devices
  • Mission Critical Components
  • Satellite Systems

Commitment to quality

Thin Metal Parts is committed to quality and providing high-precision medical device parts. Thin Metal Parts is committed to quality for all of our precision manufacturing and was one of the first parts manufacturers to become ISO 9001 certified in 1997. Completed products are viewed and measured via automated inspection equipment, with magnification levels up to 350x. Depending upon the needs of the product, customers are able to customize the inspection and sampling plan.

Thin Metal Parts gives you the convenience of working with a single partner for the design and prototyping of small to large batch runs. 

Thin Metal Parts holds to the high-quality standards for all manufacturing, prototype, small runs, and large runs. Customers will find quality products and service no matter the number of parts or the precision required.

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Why choose Thin Metal Parts for Your Aerospace Parts

Aerospace Parts Fabrication
  • ITAR Registered Custom Component Manufacturer
  • ISO 9001-2015 Compliant
  • Standard First Article Inspection Report or AS9102 First Article Inspection Report Per Request
  • Post Process Plating, Forming, and Passivation Available
  • Low Cost (In-House)Tooling
  • Small, Medium, Large Volume Capabilities
  • Quick Turn Capabilities

Innovative Manufacturing Solutions

The experienced team at Thin Metal Parts can work closely with you to create custom medical device components that fit seamlessly into your current device manufacturing system. Thin Metal Parts can provide suggestions for a CAD design or collaborate with you to create a completely custom medical device part for your needs. 

Contact Thin Metal Parts today and let us help you develop your medical device components in the best material, design, and process for your needs.

Metal Mesh and Sieves by Thin Metal Parts in Colorado

PCMI for Thin Metal Parts
Thin Metal Parts is ISO 9001 Certified
Thin Metal Parts is ITAR Registered

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Using three different technologies, custom metal parts can be built for thousands of applications for a large variety of industries. By combining multiple technology options, a hybrid precision part, unavailable anywhere else in the global marketplace, can be custom manufactured.

Thin Metal Parts regularly works with the aerospace, computer, and electronic industries to build custom precision parts used in industrial and consumer goods applications... parts such as metal encoder wheels, metal mesh, metal sieves, and print heads. In addition, custom parts are developed daily in research and development as the design/process engineer group teams with customers to develop prototypes and production items in medical, manufacturing, and scientific instrument sectors.

All products are custom manufactured to meet customer needs and specifications, including DFARS and RoHS compliance. These quick-turn, cost-effective, low tooling cost processes offer excellent production alternatives to traditional fabrication methods for metal parts in high volumes and prototyping.

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