Thanks to our customers and employees

Thank you to our fantastic customers

for continuing to trust us with the manufacturing of your metal parts. We can think of no higher honor than your choice to continue using us, when your products are vital to so many people. 

We have also gained new clients from many different industries during this time, and we welcome these clients to the Thin Metal Parts family. We will continue working hard to deliver the same high levels of quality and service that you deserve. 

Our employees have worked hard to keep themselves healthy in and outside of the office. We are very proud of our team and their dedication to Thin Metal Parts. They understand the importance of the work we do, and have worked tirelessly to deliver the quality parts required to keep essential manufacturing performing.  So to our team, thank you for working hard to keep our customers supplied with their essential parts, but most importantly, keeping yourselves and your families safe. 

Our Trusted Process 

Our employees work with each customer remotely to understand their needs and collaborate with the client to create the ideal, custom metal part. The parts that leave our facility receive a quality check to ensure our clients will receive parts that provide consistent results, because this is more important now than ever. We have a tradition of superior quality and customer service that we prioritize above all else. 

Thin Metal Parts is an essential supplier for medical device manufacturing, as well as aerospace, defense, and many other industries. Using three different technologies, or a hybrid approach, custom metal parts can be built for thousands of applications for a large variety of industries. We create customized solutions to fit the needs of each customer. Therefore, complete in-house capabilities translate to quick quotes, low-cost tooling, and short manufacturing lead times. If you are looking for a new supplier, let us show you why so many companies have chosen Thin Metal Parts as their preferred supplier. 

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