Electric Motors: the unsung hero on the route to decarbonisation


Electric Motors Are in Demand

Are you in the electric motor business? If you aren't, maybe you should be. Electic motors are going to need a serious upgrade soon to be more energy efficient. 

All over the world, electric motors are in use to help us in our daily lives, but the old technologies are severely outdated and inefficient. According to the recent article from Financial Times, the current technologies are a vast improvement and "even surpasses the regulatory demands required now and two years from now." 

Read the original article here, but the article discusses the importance of improved electric motors.

"Electric motors are everywhere... [however] too many of these motor-driven systems are inefficient and waste too much energy. There are around 8 billion electric motors in all applications across the EU which, according to its own estimates, account for almost half of the EU's energy consumption.

Ecodesign Regulation

The EU's new Ecodesign Regulation (EU) 2019/1781, will come into full effect on 1 July 2021 for low-voltage induction motors and variable speed drives. The new industry benchmark will require a wide range of electric motors to meet the IE3 premium efficiency standard.

However, 1 July is only the first step in a two-year process of transition to even greater efficiency. The Ecodesign regulation expands in July 2023, raising the base level for certain motors to IE4 super-premium efficiency. The leading role the EU is taking on this issue is an ambitious one which sets the precedent for all countries looking to cut carbon emissions."

Thin Metal Parts Can Help With Electric Motor Parts

Many of the world's electric motors are energy inefficient, requiring upgrading to more energy-efficient electric motors. Thin Metal Parts is your source for the thin metal and non-metallic parts needed for electric motors.

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