Electric Motor Laminations

Focused On Quality Thin Metal Parts is known for high precision, tight tolerances, and repeatability. Our focus is on providing you with the quality electric motor laminations you require to produce the highest quality electric motors. Contact us about electric motor laminations Thin Metal Parts manufactures electric motor laminations and lamination segments for a wide range […]

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Chemical Etching Processes: Vertical, Horizontal, or Combination?

Chemical Etching

Choosing the Right Chemical Milling Technique for your Product Product engineers posses an incredible depth of knowledge about component design and manufacturing. Many are distinctly familiar with the intricacies of the chemical etching process and have likely used it on previous product designs. However, the rapidly evolving nature of the manufacturing industry has made even […]

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What are MEMS?

MEMS stands for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems. MEMS are made up of components between 1 and 100 micrometres in size (i.e., 0.001 to 0.1 mm), and MEMS devices generally range in size from 20 micrometres to a millimetre (i.e., 0.02 to 1.0 mm), although components arranged in arrays (e.g., digital micromirror devices) can be more than 1000 mm2. They usually consist of […]

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CNC vs Chemical Etching

What is CNC? CNC stands for computer numeric control, and refers to machines that are controlled by computers. Examples of CNC machines include: lathes plasma cutters electric discharge machines (EDM) water jet cutters wire bending machines 3D printers What is Chemical Etching? Chemical etching utilizes photolithography to create a “template” on top of the metal. […]

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