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Benefits of Codewheels with Nickel Electroforming Process

Thin Metal Parts used advanced technology and proprietary processes to ensure the highest quality metal encoder wheel available today.

Encoder Code Wheels Product

Metal Encoder wheelsEncoders for high-precision applications

Metal encoder wheels (codewheels) are designed for high-precision applications in incremental and absolute rotary encoders. The encoder wheels can be produced using any of TMP’s available processes, depending on resolution specifications. These include the Nickel Electroforming Process, Chemical Milling, Laser Cutting, and more. The products are highly corrosion resistant and offer superior stability in high-temperature and high-shock environments. TMP also produces optical masks, available in any size or configuration.

Download the metal encoders product sheet


Most Common Metal Encoder Wheel Sizes

  Thickness Feature Size

Resolution Count

1" Diameter 2" Diameter 1" Diameter 2" Diameter
256 0.0025 0.0025 0.00552 0.01104
512 0.0025 0.0025 0.00276 0.00552
1024 0.0008 0.0025 0.00138 0.00276
2048 N/A 0.0008 N/A 0.00138

Benefits of Codewheels with Nickel Electroforming Process

Thin Metal parts is the industry leader in the manufacturing of encoders and codewheels. Our nickel electroforming process help create the highest quality, most precise products available. Contact us online or call us at (719) 268-8300 for more information or to request samples of our products.