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TMP's electroforming process has been used to manufacture the following products:

Electroforming & Metal Tooling Services

Electroforming Metal ToolingThe ultimate in precision and tolerance

Electroforming is an additive process in which nickel “plates-up” around a photolithographic pattern. A proprietary production process guarantees consistent surface finish and dimensional stability on both sides of the part. The electroforming process offers a combination of tight tolerances (up to +/- 2 microns) and feature sizes (as small as 15 microns) on thicknesses ranging from 0.0003” to 0.010”.

Through extensive research and testing, TMP has developed flexibility in the electroforming process to produce nickel metals in varying degrees of hardness, brightness and malleability.

Thin, complicated parts that are tab and burr free can be manufactured with low-cost tooling, quick initial design time and cost-effective production. TMP is a world leader in the manufacturing of flat electroformed parts.

TMP Electroforming Advantages