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TMP's Solution Partnering

Hierarchy of Service

Custom Metal Parts Company Philosophy

Top Mylar Sheeting & Encoder WheelsAdvanced technology, best value, customer satisfaction

Thin Metal Parts has maintained clear industry leadership with leading-edge technology, excellent customer service and a full range of high performance manufacturing capabilities. The company also continues to contribute to the industry with significant and on-going R&D projects. TMP is an ISO 9001:2000-certified company, with complete process controls to guarantee consistent high-performance products.

Our experienced and dedicated staff provide true applications support and contribute to our customer-centric culture. TMP's continued investment in people, facilities, equipment and systems help us to be the best true value in the industry - we encourage you to closely compare our products and services to any other supplier!

Solution Partnering

Throughout TMP's history, our philosophy of collaborating with customers to find a solution has resulted in a myriad of innovations and products. Some of the products developed as DOE projects include: